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Q: What will a personal care nursing assistant do for me?

A: Among the many services the nursing assistant performs are assisting with grooming and hygiene, monitoring vital signs and medication, assisting with proper body movement and daily exercise, escorting to appointments, providing security to assure safety and well being, seeking the right help in emergencies, preparing meals, and performing the day-to-day cleaning and laundry. The Care Plan developed by the Registered Nurse will address the specific needs of your family member.

Q: What are the services of the Skilled Nursing staff?
A: Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses provide similar services to those that are offered in the hospital. Doctor’s orders are required for skilled nursing shifts. R.N.'s or L.P.N.'s can assess blood pressure, pulse and respiratory status; monitor medication regime and administer medication and injections; monitor nutrition and hydration; monitor bowel and bladder functions; monitor diabetic needs (check glucose levels and administer insulin); perform dressing changes for wound care; perform catheter, colostomy and ileostomy care; draw blood; perform tube feedings; administer IV and antibiotics therapy. View Full List of Home Care Services

Q: Do you provide home health care medical products?
A: Personal Care recommends that families work with the medical supply company closest to their home. Should this not be available, there are a number of medical supply stores and pharmacies that we recommend. Rental or purchase is based on individual preference and may be reimbursable through Medicare.

Q: Will you perform a home safety check to ensure there are no obstacles that might injure the client?
A: A home check to ensure safety is included in the care plan.