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Archive for April 2017

Willie Wilson – Anna Grace Green Founders Award Winner

Anna Grace Green was the founder of Personal Care and this award was created to honor her memory. This award is directly related to comments and compliments received from clients and their family members about a specific caregiver. Willie Wilson was the recipient of the award this year. A previous client’s family member sent a letter to Personal Care explaining how Willie was such a gift to her mother. Her positive outlook and cheerful disposition was truly treasured.

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Janice Brown – Mary Crockett Award Winner

This year’s recipient of the Mary E. Crockett Service Award was Janice Brown. This award was created in 2000 and named for a former employee Mary Crockett. Full time employees that have been employed for five years are eligible for the award and are voted in by their peers. Since Janice has been employed with Personal Care for 19 years she more than qualified to win the award. Janice’s calm, professional demeanor has always been appreciated by her clients.

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