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A common question we hear is “How does the process work, how do I set up care with Personal Care, Inc.?”

Coming to the conclusion that you need help in your home is oftentimes not an easy decision to make. Everyone cherishes their privacy and the unique attributes of their home. Setting up services for your loved one is not a complicated process, however, it does require that we discuss the specifics of your needs.

Step 1: Call Us and We Can Help You Begin the Process

Every family we care for is unique and it is important that we understand clearly your care needs and the unique challenges that you may be facing. During this informational call we will want to gather:

  • General information like name, address and contact information
  • Specific information regarding the current health status of your loved one
  • Information related to both their physical needs and their cognitive abilities
  • Any specifics related to challenges around communication or personality traits
  • What your thoughts are regarding the amount of care needed

Step 2: Follow up with an in home evaluation

Meeting your loved one in person and seeing first-hand the environment in which they live provides additional insight in the development of a successful plan of care. Our purpose in this visit is to make a positive connection with your loved one and any other family members who might attend. In addition, it is on this visit that we work with you to define more specifically the help that you want and need from our caregivers.

Step 3: A Care Plan is developed in partnership with you and your family

Understanding your specific needs and the needs of your loved one allows us to tailor a plan of activities as well as caregivers to help. Just like individuals within a family are unique, so our caregivers have unique attributes and strengths. One of the reasons Personal Care is known as one of the highest quality providers in metro Atlanta is that we invest in our caregivers and really know them. While many private duty companies are just staffing services, Personal Care continues to distinguish itself as a company providing compassionate, competent caregivers into the homes of our clients.

Step 4: Ongoing communication and collaboration with our clients and families

The steps outlined above are critical to getting off to a good start in setting up care. The continuing success of that care will depend on regular communication and collaboration with our client and their involved family members. Because of this partnership of care, families come to depend on us as part of their decision making team. With caregivers in the home and nurses overseeing the care, we closely monitor any important events that occur with the goal being to adjust care plans as needed.