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Licensure and Membership

Personal Care is licensed as a Private Home Care Provider (PHCP) through the State of Georgia’s Office of Regulatory Services, Georgia Department of Human Resources. Personal Care’s records and practices are annually reviewed by the state.

In the early days of Personal Care, we were actively involved with the Office of Regulatory Services for Private Home Care Providers to help establish guidelines for agencies who provide care to older adults. When Personal Care was begun there was no regulation of non-Medicare services for older adults. As we worked in the community, we encountered older adults receiving sub-par to dangerous care. In 1994 and 1995 the Georgia Home Care and Staff Association, of which we were a founding member, worked with the Office of Regulatory Services to establish criteria for the licensure and regulation of Private Home Care Providers. In 1995, Personal Care was selected as one of only a few agencies to test run the process. Today, throughout the state, agencies that provide home care are required to be licensed, and are held to defined professional standards that safeguard care and mandate a level of quality for the consumer.

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