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Why Personal Care

Our Experience

Bringing a caregiver into your home is an important decision for you and for our organization. Personal Care has been working with clients and families throughout Metro Atlanta for over 40 years. Understanding the unique needs of each client and family, and how to successfully match caregivers to those needs, is at the heart of our success. We invest time and effort in our hiring and training process. We get to know our caregivers so that we can make the best possible match. A good fit and staffing consistency contribute greatly to a successful outcome for all involved parties—you the client and your family, our employees, and our support team.

Our Philosophy

Personal Care is a company with compassion and caring at the center of our work. The company is owned by Martha Clinkscales, an ordained Presbyterian Minister, who began working at Personal Care in 1986. From our beginning we have made it our mission to support our caregivers in a variety of ways that have differentiated us from other homecare providers. These include health insurance, a retirement plan, paid time off, overtime pay and annual recognition events. We believe that the best care is given by those who also feel genuinely known and cared for.

Our Responsiveness

The responsiveness of the provider is something you cannot measure until you work with an organization. Receiving most of our referrals by word of mouth from satisfied customers, Personal Care, Inc. is known in Atlanta as a “best in class” organization for providing excellent care to our clients.

Responsiveness manifests itself in many ways that directly impact your satisfaction level.

  • Extensive screening and hiring process resulting in our insuring and bonding the caregivers we send into your home.
  • Employing over 200 caregivers, giving us the opportunity to better match your unique needs.
  • Providing a higher level of consistency and competency in our caregiving staff as a result of much lower turnover of employees than the industry average
  • Ensuring you have knowledgeable caregivers to meet your needs by requiring 50% more continuing education training per year than the state mandates.
  • Assessing your needs and managing the ongoing care plan with a high level of involvement by our Registered Nurses.
  • Receiving your calls in person with 24/7 availability of Personal Care staff.
  • Facilitating easier communication around scheduling, billing or other issues that might arise with an experienced office staff to serve you.
  • Assisting you with more complex needs like medication compliance management, progressing dementia, hospice care and chronic disease management which most private home care agencies are not able to provide.
  • Knowing the scope of resources in the community allows us to work with you to determine the best care options available.