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Communication to Caregivers

Many of us are healthcare providers because we feel it is a calling, not just a job. We are now being called to provide care in uncertain times for people who are high risk. The health and safety of our Personal Care clients and employees is our number one priority and we are taking proactive steps to ensure your safety.

As many of you have heard there is a major shortage of supplies including personal protective gear (masks, gloves, wipes, sanitizer, gowns). While this shortage is frightening as a healthcare professional, we are working hard to work around this. We are asking that you PLEASE be aware of your glove use. See the note below and please do not use gloves when it is not necessary.

We are working on having reusable masks made for all clients and caregivers. Our plan is to have this completed ASAP and delivered to staff who want them. While you do not need to wear a mask if you are not sick, we understand that you might be caring for people who are sick, and a mask is appropriate. Please look out for more communication later this week about masks.

COVID-19 is a virus that will only be contained if we continue to self-isolate and practice social distancing. We have asked all clients and their family members to adhere to this recommendation for the safety of our employees. We are asking you to self-isolate outside of work for the safety of your clients and co-workers.

I. Handwashing
a. Wash your hands before and after leaving a client’s home using soap and water (proper handwashing technique). EVEN if you use hand sanitizer at the entrance of a community, you should still wash your hands when you arrive!
b. Wash your hands after removing gloves.
c. Wash your hands after using the restroom.
d. Wash your hands after you have touched your face or blowing your nose.
e. Wash your hands before preparing/serving a meal.
f. Wash your hands as you report to work.
g. Wash your hands after handling an object that may potentially contaminated with germs, viruses, or bacteria (clothes/laundry, newspapers, trash, door handles)

II. Gloves
a. Wear gloves when performing ANY personal direct contact with a client.
b. Wear gloves when applying lotions/creams.
c. Wear gloves when assisting with eye or ear drops.
d. Wear gloves when emptying a urinal, catheter bag or bedside commode and trash.
e. Wear gloves if client requests you wear them.
f. DO NOT wear gloves when walking around in public and using gloves to open doors, etc. This is when you need to use a paper towel, napkin, or wipe.

III. Personal Habits to follow
a. Sneeze or cough into your bent elbow.
b. Do not touch your face.
c. Wash uniform/working clothes before wearing them again to work.
d. Distance yourself from crowds of 10 or more.
e. If you are sick (fever, cough, sneezing, not feeling well) stay at home. If you are not certain call the office for direction.