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Update for Caregivers from Danielle Grabol – 4/22/20

Dear Personal Care Employees:

Each week that passes leaves me inspired and honored to work with you. We continue to see the ways each of you are committed to the work that we do. Thank you for all that you are doing to keep the mission of our work alive during these difficult times.

Each caregiver has been issued cloth masks. If you would like another mask please let us know. Cloth masks should be hand washed in hot water. Rotate out your mask. Avoid touching the front of your mask. Remove by the elastic or ties using clean hands. Wash your hands after you remove your mask. We are recommending that masks be stored in paper bags with handles. Please wear your masks, this is not optional. Keep your mask on while you are working even while in your client’s home.

We would like everyone to please respond to this email and let us know if you work another job and where. Many of the communities that we work in are asking us to please limit the number of facilities that staff work in. This is understandably difficult for us to manage

The Department of Health has been compiling a list of facilities with known positive COVID cases. These reports are being published in local news stories. We wanted you to know that there have been discrepancies in the reporting with some places being listed that don’t have nearly the amount of cases, and vice versa. Everyone makes mistakes, even Health Departments. We encourage you to continue to let us know what you are hearing in the communities that you work in.

As Gov. Kemp has made changes to the State’s guidelines we wanted to encourage you to please continue to practice safe social distancing, hand washing techniques, and be overly cautious when out in public. We have had no known positive COVID-19 cases with Personal Care employees. We want to continue to keep all our staff as safe as possible. Many of the facilities we work in have indicated that they will continue their current procedures until early May, when the state has indicated the state of Emergency will be over.

If any employee wishes to be tested for COVID-19 and would like assistance with that please contact Martha Clinkscales at 404-373-2727 or mclinkscales@personalcare.net Martha will help facilitate testing at Georgia Tech. This is no-cost testing and takes around 2-hours total with test results given on the same day.

We will continue to keep you updated as best we can regarding information as we receive it from communities. If you work someplace with an active COVID outbreak please notify us immediately. Please continue to notify us if you have been exposed to someone with COVID. If you do not feel well please contact us immediately. Do not report to work with a fever or cough. Let us know if you have traveled recently.

In these uncertain times we understand that tension and anxiety runs high. Thank you for extending us all grace as we face COVID together as a team. You are appreciated now and always.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions we welcome you to contact us. Stay safe!

Warm Regards,