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Covid-19 Letters

March 26, 2020

Dear Personal Care Clients and Families:
We know that you, like many of us, are monitoring the COVID-19 virus situation on a very regular basis. There are no instruction manuals for how to manage our feelings at a time like this. I am deeply comforted by the incredible support of our clients, families, community partners, and most importantly, our employees. We have appreciated the patience and grace you have shown us during this difficult time.
At this time, we have not had a positive COVID-19 case within our company. We are continuing to encourage transparency in the communities we work in to best ensure the safety of residents and employees.
The state of Georgia has mandated that at-risk people shelter in place. While each county and city might have different orders, Personal Care’s Caregivers are considered “essential employees” and the work we do is exempt from any business closures. Employees have been given a letter to this effect for their travel to and from work.
This is a difficult time for people who do not feel well. Many physicians’ offices are closed for in-person appointments, but offering telehealth visits. It is not recommended that you go to the Emergency Room unless you are very sick and you cannot manage your symptoms at home. If you have a fever, cough, runny nose, etc. we recommend contacting Dispatch Health 720-647-5329 to see if they will test you for the flu and strep throat. They are able to do a urinalysis for UTI diagnosis as well. If your symptoms are more than they can manage through a Nurse Practitioner coming to your home they will advise you regarding next steps.
We are in the process of having masks made for employees, and have distributed around 45 at this time. While we know this is not required when working when people who are not sick, the Department of Community Health has told us that caregivers who cannot maintain six-feet of distance should consider wearing a mask. Due to the supply shortage masks are being crafted by hand and distributed as they are completed. The shortage of Personal Protective Equipment is something we are carefully monitoring and working with vendors as best we can to make sure we have the supplies we need.
We do not take lightly the trust you have placed in Personal Care for your care needs. We will continue to monitor the CDC and Department of Community Health for updates and information.
If you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.
Warm regards,

Danielle A. Grabol
Chief Operations Officer
Personal Care, Inc.