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Update from Danielle Grabol – 5.18.20

Dear Personal Care Clients and Families:

Our weekly updates regarding COVID-19 will continue and we are happy to report that nothing has changed since our update last week. The communities we work in have reported no new cases of COVID and most are COVID- free. We continue to make rapid-result testing available to caregivers, and are very grateful to report that at this time no Personal Care employees have tested positive for COVID-19.

We are indebted to so many people who have helped us equip our caregivers to continue to show up every day, safe, protected, and prepared to deliver care. Our community has come together and sewn, laminated, resourced, donated, delivered…masks, disinfectant, gloves, shields, hand sanitizer, more masks. It is through this generosity and support that we have kept our staff working safely.

Our 200 office employees, nurses and nursing assistants have soldiered on in the midst of the coronavirus crisis in order to continue to deliver care. In honor of the countless ways in which we have been supported we are feeding 25 Emory Hospital employees this week and 40 Piedmont Hospital employees next week through the Meal Bridge program. We will continue to pay forward every gift and kindness shown to us in every way that we can.

We have established an Employee Appreciation Fund that will be used to help pay our caregivers for their heroic commitment to clients, families, communities, and each other. We are touched that so many of you have contacted us asking to contribute to caregivers that are continuing to show up every day to care for people who need support. If you wish to contribute to this fund you can do so by either adding an extra amount to your payment or sending a separate check. Please let us know with a written notation or an email of your wishes. If it is best for us to add an amount to your invoice we can do so at your direction. If you wish to include the contribution with your payment please indicate that you have done so. ALL OF THESE FUNDS will go directly to our employees working in the field. We will mention this opportunity in the weekly email updates through May. Our plan is to disburse these funds around the middle of June. Our company turns 40 years old on June 11, and we will be adding some money to this fund as well, as we celebrate our employees and this milestone.

Our healthcare heroes are staying the course. They continue to use precautions, wear masks in public, and many are leaving their homes only to go to work. Our staff are committed to their roles in caring for an at-risk population. Thank you for your continued trust that allows us to deliver the care you deserve.

With gratitude-