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Self-Isolation Ideas and Suggestions

Self-Isolation Ideas and Suggestions

  • Stay connected with your family through FaceTime calls. Don’t have an Iphone? Skype and WhatsApp allow you to connect too
  • If you have WiFi you might consider an Amazon Show or similar Google device. This will allow you to drop in and see someone who might not be able to initiate a call to you on a smart phone. How to set up Amazon Show found here
  • Create a photo memory book on sites like Snapfish and have it sent to a loved one
  • Consider making your “favorite meal” virtually while your parent/children oversee your cooking skills!
  • This is a perfect time to start writing your memoir
  • Missing your grandchildren? Think about writing them letters
  • 2020 is starting off as a year to remember! Create a time capsule for the young children in your life
  • Live Stream a free concert. Info here
  • Exercise! Not only does exercise increase immunity but it relieves anxiety and depression. Go for a socially-distanced walk in your community or outside. At-home exercise ideas from the National Institute on Aging Found here
  • Create a “virtual” book club with neighbors, friends and family.
  • Start a journal
  • Limit the amount of time you watch television, particularly if the news causes you the be anxious.
  • Create a gratitude jar. Write one thing a day you are grateful for down and put the note inside the jar.
  • Clean out your closets and cabinets. What better time to get rid of things that you aren’t using or old food items?
  • Rearrange your furniture, move chairs, or consider sitting in a different area than you normally do
  • Clip recipes from newspapers and magazines to try and create a quarantine cookbook with.

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