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Annual Awards Banquet – Service Award

We were excited to get together to celebrate our Caregivers at our Annual Awards Banquet in March. At the Banquet we were able to recognize individuals who have reached service milestones with us. We would like to send a shout out to two special groups, our 10 Years of Service and 15 Years of Service groups. Thank you all for your commitment to Personal Care.

2 Year Service Award

5 Year Service Award

10 Year Service Award

A special Thank You to Nadine Arnett and Adrea Moreland


15 Year Service Award

A special Thank You to Evelyn Whitfield and Elaine Allen

Thank you to all of our wonderful caregivers!

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“You don't stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.” ― George Bernard Shaw

The Silver Tsunami – An Unprecedented Societal Shift

Written By: Weyman Perry
Weyman Perry

Weyman Perry

Recipe for a Perfect Storm. . . Take a POPULATION GROWTH bomb and mix it with…. A dramatically INCREASING LIFESPAN.

Our World is Getting Older
From now on, population growth comes from more elders and middle aged people than from infants. By 2050 we will move from 1 in 5 people being older than 60 to 1 in 3 on our planet.

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Lela Mae Dawson – Mary E. Crockett Service Award

This year’s recipient of the Mary E. Crockett Service Award was Lela Mae Dawson. This award was created in 2000 and named for our former employee Mary Crockett. Full time employees that have been employed for five years are eligible for this award and it is voted on by Personal Care employees with two years of employment. Lela Mae was extremely thankful to receive the award this year. She has been employed with Personal Care since 1999 and worked for a number of clients throughout the years. Lela’s loving attention and cooking abilities are always a big hit with her clients!

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Peta Gay Hampton Coleman – Anna Grace Green Founder’s Award

The Anna Grace Green award was created to recognize Personal Care’s Founder, Anna Grace Green. This award is a result of compliments from clients, family members, and office staff. Peta Gay was the hands down winner this year. Her flexibility has always been one of the things that the staffing office has appreciated about Peta. She will start a new case with very little information and go anywhere on short notice. Peta works nights and wasn’t planning on coming to the banquet but we sweet talked her and she even bought a new outfit. Her pleasant demeanor makes her a very sought after caregiver.

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Thirty-Five Years and Counting

Reflections of Two Owners

written by: Martha Clinckscales
Forty years ago, when I graduated from high school, my aunt and uncle gave me a beautiful volume of Archibald MacLeish’s writings. I gravitated toward his poem, L’An Trentiesme De Mon Eage, “The year of my thirtieth.”

While I was far from 30 then—light years when one is 18, what drew me to this poem and still does, is the beginning and ending verses of the stanzas of the poem:

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